Glowworms Home

What does “Glowworms Home” do?

Glowworms Home allows family or caregivers who have cared for family members with a life-limiting illness, to donate no-longer-used homecare equipment and consumables (such as wheelchair, continence pads) to others in need.

A common question raised by families after their loved one dies is, “what do we do with this equipment?” “Can we give this to someone who needs it?” At the same time, some families who care for dying family members at home struggle to source the right equipment and consumables.

This platform allows families who are grieving, to connect with families who are caring for dying family members.

Families who grieve sometimes find meaning by supporting other families who are about to go through similar situations. An act of kindness can enrich your life and the lives of the others.

Why “Glowworms Home”?

“Glowworms Home” reminds us that even the smallest people in the world can make a difference.

Glowworms are small but in darkness they illuminate and shine. A small act of kindness can go a long way.


“Glowworms Home” supports and connects palliative care patients’ families in an innovative way.


“Glowworms Home” nurtures resilient and compassionate communities.